The Lisnavagh Timber Project

Supplying traceable, Irish home-grown hardwood timber boards, commissions and products.

Lisnavagh Timber Project

The Lisnavagh Timber Project is recognised throughout Ireland for its leading role in supplying “clear conscience” timber to furniture makers & woodworkers, homeowners, and retail outlets all over Ireland and in other countries.

The original concept of the Lisnavagh Timber Project was to add value to the hardwood timber coming from estate’s woodlands. A database was created to keep control of stock levels and this soon developed into a unique and sophisticated traceability system.

In simple terms, these logs are sawn into planks, graded and measured. Every board is given an individual reference number and listed on our comprehensive database. The boards are air dried for a year or two before being kiln dried in one of the kilns.

For the first few years, this kiln dried timber was normally sold to specialist furniture makers. Then in 2004, a workshop was added so that bespoke items could be made for customers including kitchen worktops, mantelpieces, bookshelves, tables and a host of other items.

Bunbury Boards

The latest development for the Timber Project is the creation of The Lisnavagh Collection, whose first product, The Bunbury Board, is taking retail outlets around the world by storm. Bunbury Boards were launched in the autumn of 2008, just as the world’s economies plunged into recession. Nevertheless, thousands have been sold already and demand continues to grow as the word spreads.

Every board, commission or product is traceable back to source, thanks to the Lisnavagh Timber Project’s unique traceability system. Every customer is given or can access a full traceability report, which usually has a photograph of the tree that their wood came from and explains why the tree came down, what was done to replace it and where it grew. Of course, every plank is from an Irish grown tree. Nothing is imported.

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