Our Teachers

Pamela Butler, Yoga Teacher
Pamela Butler

Pamela Butler

Pam’s classes cultivate the connection between physical movement and breath, encouraging a meditative practice. Students often comment on how limbered, refreshed and relaxed they feel after class. Many have succeeded in using relaxation techniques learned in class to restore and recharge themselves in their daily lives.

Typically, a hatha yoga class begins with a warm up; sun salutations which is a flowing sequence of movements coordinated with the breath; and Asanas (postures) which develop balance, strength, and flexibility. A closing relaxation allows the body and mind to absorb the work done.

Pam qualified to teach hatha yoga in 2000 and has taught children, teens and adults at all levels.

Lisa Quish,Yoga Teacher

Lisa Quish

As a yoga teacher, I am deeply interested in holistic health and how we respond to the changing seasons. Ayurvedic principles guide the choice of yoga practices, and the foods that suit our bodies at this time of year, and will offer the guiding principles during this retreat. This exploration is aided by the comforts of the house and its beautiful grounds.

As always my aim is to create a light and peaceful atmosphere that will allow you to leave the challenges of life behind, relax and embrace the season and to move and ultimately enjoy the practice of yoga. I aim to ensure that everyone leaves at the end of the retreat ready to move into the the next season with a more balanced, relaxed and healthier mind and body.

Sheana Keane

Sheana Keane - Mindfulness

With an MSC in Mindfulness Psychology, Sheana has been practicing meditation for over 12 years, a survival tactic at the time to cope with a hectic television career, young children and a stressed out mind. Now many years later, she is a mindfulness psychologist, researcher and teacher and is deeply passionate about sharing science’s extraordinary insights into the human mind, well-being and stress resilience. Addicted to ‘things that make sense’, her workshops are a combination of experiential meditation practice and the eye opening science.

Sheana also facilitates personal development programs in a number of large national and international organisations and runs a private practice teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). In research Sheana is embarking on a doctorate program examining the impact of mindfulness interventions on real time stress arousal.

Sheana’s runs a small number of meditation retreats each year for those who wish to experience a sense of space and calm while exploring mindfulness practice. Sheana is a member of the Mindfulness Teachers Network of Ireland and abides by their code of ethics including maintaining a regular personal practice, attending retreats and receiving teaching supervision. http://www.sheanakeane.com/