Vitality Retreat 2-4 February 2018 with Laura Sarah Dowdall

by Emily Bunbury

Vitality Retreat

Revitalise Your Natural Essence

We are delighted to welcome Laura Sarah Dowdall to Lisnavagh House who will host a 3-day retreat arriving on Friday 2nd February 2018 from 3pm and departing after lunch on Sunday, 4th February.

Laura Sarah Dowdall is the founder and inspiration behind Healing Yoga. She believes in an integrated approach to wellbeing through her expertise in somatic movement practices, traditional yoga, wellness coaching, bio-energetic practices and transformational change processes. Clients experience new insight, creativity, self understanding and deep healing through individual coaching, holistic therapies, community and corporate classes, workshops and retreats.

Her intention is to revitalise the body to its natural capacity for healing, learn from its wisdom, align with our true nature and develop greater self-awareness.

Opening the body we open the mind. Through the body, we will experience space, stillness, e-motion, sensation, vibration and bliss.

This 3-day programme includes: Healing Yoga: Asana, Pranayama (breath-work), Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) & Meditation Somatic Movement Tension & Trauma Release Soul-Dance (no dance experience needed) Dynamic Meditation Sound & Voice work Authentic Connection Visioning, Intention & Manifestation practices

Full details of Laura’s indepth and dedicated programme can be found on or contact Laura or Lisnavagh office

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