One Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

by Emily Bunbury

One Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

One Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat with Sheana Keane

Saturday 27th May 

This is a nourishing space to allow you to take time away from everyone and everything, to come home to yourself, through silence and meditation, listening to your own deep wisdom to help move forward in life.

In the 24 hour digital business of daily life, stress is often a constant companion.  It can be difficult to take time out to reassess your life, your choices and your direction. This day of mindfulness is about more than relaxation - it’s about spending time in silence to invite your wisdom to rise from your unconscious to your conscious mind and inform your life moving forward.   We will guide you through a day of blissful silence and meditation surrounded by the sounds of nature, free from distraction to deeply listen to yourself, your desire and the wisdom that you innately have.

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