Constructed with red bricks that were baked on the Lisnavagh estate over 160 years ago, the Brick Barn is not your average place to get married or host a retreat.

Dating back to the 1850s, it was built to hold up to 80,000 gallons of rainwater, which supplied the household at Lisnavagh as well as the innumerable drinking troughs spread around the 1,000-acre estate for horses, cattle and sheep.

Wedding Ceremony Brick Barn

With a dash of modern ingenuity, the brick-fronted reservoir now serves as a charming location for couples to exchange vows. Light floods into the circular structure between the twelve-foot high walls and the conical roof, which is shaped not unlike a traditional Vietnamese rice hat.

There is a strong sense of being in Ireland, of course, and yet, with the close proximity of the lush vegetation and mature leafy trees, the Brick Barn also provides a curiously exotic ambience. The only noise is birdsong or the sway of branches in the breeze.

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Capable of seating one hundred and fifty guests, the Brick Barn combines Lisnavagh’s quirky tradition with Victorian brilliance and natural beauty; the fresh and dazzling effect is further enhanced by rustic pews for the wedding guests.

Wedding Ceremony Brick Barn

Each brick was handmade in the ‘Brick Field’ on the Lisnavagh estate. The clay was sought just under the topsoil, to minimize the hard work of digging, before being moulded by hand.

The Bunbury’s are people who like to innovate and renovate – and when they thought of existing structures from generations ago, in need of love and attention, the 19th century Brick Barn came to mind.

The avenue leading up to the Brick Barn is deep in pebble gravel and only a three-minute walk from the house, or easily accessible by car or pony and trap.

William and Emily Bunbury have been hosting weddings and retreats for a number of years and are the tenth generation of the family to live at Lisnavagh, which has become a sanctuary for wedding parties and retreats.

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We thought about giving the structure a more romantic name,” says Emily Bunbury. “But in a way, when you’re standing inside the Brick Barn, surrounded by twelve-foot high walls, knowing that each brick was handmade in the Brick Field and thinking about how it was once full of gallons and gallons of rain water – the feeling of purity there is so real … and so we wanted to be true to the history of the structure - it is a sacred space."